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  • Kayros: New web site up and running..
  • Kayros: Our Studio is open for business!.
  • Kayros: Grand opening coming soon.
  • Kayros: Music lessons available at Kairos.
  • Kayros: Visit our studio today!!.
  • Kayros: Are you ready to record your new album?.
  • Kayros: We are open for business.
  • Kayros: Welcome to Kairos Studio LLC.
  • Mixing and Remixing
  • Music Lessons
  • Composing and Backing Music
  • Karaoke Recording


Welcome to Our Website!


Located in downtown Waterbury, Connecticut - Kairos is a world-class recording studio designed to meet the needs of major label projects while remaining accessible and affordable to independent artists. Our studio is highly affordable when you need the best quality for your music, voice over or video, so why settle for less?

With Kairos studio, you can trust that you are going to have a recording and production unlike any other, and that your finished product will be one that will far exceed all expectations. If you would like to book one of our fully equipped, fully staffed rooms for recording please call us at 203-465-8434 or visit our contact page.